a proven copywriter, content strategist & instructional designer

…with a strong command of language, a firm grasp on current consumer behaviors and a deep understanding of learning methodologies.

That all adds up to a unique skill set that allows Jake to design, write and implement short and long-term initiatives for businesses looking to:

  • Provide more relevant, engaging customer experiences

  • Better prepare employees for today's fickle consumer

  • Find efficiencies in internal processes

  • Increase sales and customer impressions


Strengths & philosophies

  • Creative Copywriter & Content Strategist adept at infusing stale marketing campaigns with engaging qualities that foster interest, urgency and ultimately—better sales
  • Pragmatic Instructional Designer skilled at identifying an audience and their motives, thoroughly researching topics, and using empirical evidence to drive and support effective learning methodologies

  • Competent Visionary who stops at nothing to communicate effectively, empower others to do their best work, and help your business perform the way you've always imagined 


The Process

Whether you're updating existing materials or starting from scratch, Jake's writing and instructional design prowess can help you reach your goals. Most projects—whether marketing or instructional design—will follow the A.D.D.I.E. process: 

  • Analyze—First, Jake will analyze your needs, goals, challenges and audience. This can take the form of a Skype interview or an in-person chat, if desired. As with all things, Jake keeps detailed notes and loves to see samples of things that did (and didn't) work in the past
  • Design—Second, Jake will outline content, learning activities and more to ensure you like the direction things are headed
  • Develop—Then, Jake will create the content—whether it be a draft of a white paper, tagline options for a marketing campaign, a video script, or an entire elearning course. This step typically accounts for the bulk of the work
  • Implement—Next, Jake will finalize the project, giving you professionally-written text, a debugged elearning course, and any other agreed-upon deliverables
  • Evaluate—Finally, Jake will work with you to analyze the effectiveness of the copy, marketing campaign or instructional course—providing you with actionable data to help inform your next effort

WORK WITH A PROfessional

Contact Jake for all of your writing, content marketing & instructional design needs. Jake lives in Los Angeles, CA, but works with clients across the nation by way of virtual communication.

Call Jake at (805) 423-8692 when you need:


  • Website writer
  • SEO writer
  • Brochure writer
  • Newsletter writer
  • Script writer
  • Blog writer
  • Product writer
  • Sales letter writer
  • Press release writer
  • Business writer
  • Technical writer
  • Proposal writer
  • Speech writer
  • Editor


  • Instructional designer
  • Rapid elearning developer
  • elearning architect
  • Learning & development manager
  • Training specialist
  • Curriculum developer
  • Marketing strategist
  • Content manager
  • Digital marketing manager